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High CBD Hemp Plants

The mothers of our high CBD hemp clones have gone through an elaborate selection process. We try to select the best genetics of individual high CBD hemp strains and then stress them, some literally to death, and others to the point they exhibit any and all latent hermaphroditic tendencies. We utilize varying light schedules, intensities, and spectrums as well as an excessive organic nutrient application schedule, simulated wet and drought conditions, and light deprivation to ferret out any hermaphrodites via shock.

Our mothers are maintained in a perfect greenhouse environment with supplemental appropriate spectrum lighting. Healthy, high CBD hemp mothers produce healthy high CBD nutrient-rich clones. Our clones survive the first ten days of their life on the nutrition they contain when their cuttings are taken. We utilize organic rooting compounds and a proprietary technique that allows us to place our clones directly into germination soil. The roots produced by utilizing our technique are simply outstanding and compare nicely when contrasted with overall yields of plants grown from seed.

The 2018 outdoor hemp season was quite a learning experience for North Carolina hemp farmers. For example, we learned how high CBD hemp fields and varying growing techniques stacked up against an unprecedented amount of rainfall in Eastern North Carolina. We also learned how a hemp field stands up against herbicide blow-over from a field nearly a half a mile away…not well.

We were, however, blessed in the fact that 2018 availed a legitimate opportunity to see how the many strains of high CBD hemp clones would thrive in North Carolina, and under the absolute harshest of conditions. The fact is hemp likes North Carolina and we were successful in propagating some hemp strains outdoors with no irrigation aside from the timed delivery of nutrients in a couple of cases.

Insects, fungi, and mold were certainly a variable that we watched carefully. We successfully treated Botrytis, powdery mildew, army worms, corn ear worms, and green stink bugs with organic treatments of varied essential oils dissipated via an atomizer. The treatments were absolutely effective and some strains seemed more prone to pests than others, but not astoundingly so.

We tested various high CBD hemp strains in the latter weeks of flower in an effort to ascertain when a variety would have to be harvested. The ‘when’ certainly varies from plant to plant, even within one variety. Some of the highest yielders of cannabidiol and other desired cannabinoids are also the varieties more prone to go ‘hot’. You should periodically test all plants during the flowering stage and absolutely call for your harvest report as soon as you see flower, regardless of the varieties you choose to grow.

We settled on selected female plants that stood up to the rain, drought, bugs and worms, intentional neglect on our end to test overall hardiness, and yet still produced quality flower. Those hand-selected high CBD plants have a home in our genetics pool as we work towards the further refinement of High CBD Hemp as an agricultural commodity and they are available as clones to licensed growers.

C4 – Total THC Compliant Non-feminized Seeds $500 per lb

Genetics – The Wife x Charlotte’s Cherries

Flavor – Skunky Floral Cherry

Potency – 10% to 25% CBD, <0.3% Total THC

Harvest – Early to mid-October

Blacklands Black Label CBG Clones

Genetics – Black Label CBG

Flavor – citrus, berry

Potency – 14-15%+ CBG, <0.3% Total THC


Genetics – (OG x Purple Urkle) x (High CBD Varietal Industrial Hemp)

Potency – 8% – 15% CBD, < 0.3% THC

Harvest – End of September/Beginning of October

Berry Blossom

Genetics – Cherry Kandahar x Chardonnay

Flavor – Floral, Sweet Berries

Potency – 8% – 15% CBD, <0.3% THC

Harvest – Early October, Flowers in 8 weeks indoor

The Wife

Genetics – Unknown

Flavor – Fresh Cherries

Potency – 8% to 15% CBD, <0.3% THC

Harvest – Mid October


Genetics – Cherry x Cherry (Backcross for stabilization)

Flavor – Floral Cherries

Potency – 8% to 15% CBD, high CBG, <0.3% THC

Harvest – Mid September

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