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Feminized high CBD hemp seed can certainly pay for itself which is no small feat. Most serious growers prefer seed plants over clone plants. North Carolina had a lot of problems with root bounding of clones in the 2018 planting season. Mainly, root bounding occurs because either the cup is too small to start with or the timeline was miscalculated in some fashion or another, meaning the plant was in the starter pot for too long of a time. The advantage that clones have over seeds, if you're trying to do it at scale, is that clones are female. Just one or two male plants in a field are enough to pollinate a large percentage of females and the ones in close proximity are almost certain of pollination. Once a cannabis plant is fertilized, pollinated, and begins producing seeds, it applies its energy in that direction.

Our simple tests have shown that high CBD hemp plants only yield about half as much CBD if they've been pollinated, but the THC for some reason seems to stay constant. Which means your ratio of CBD to THC in your finished plant or product isn't always what you'd hope it would be. The cannabis plant will grow in North Carolina. Some growers utilized raised beds, plastic mulch, and drip lines and some growers simply planted in the field. The fact remains – hemp will grow in North Carolina. It pretty much always has since it was introduced.

It needs to be planted properly at the right time and for the most part it will take care of itself. It's one thing to grow for fiber or hurd or oil from seeds, it's something different altogether to grow for the high-margin cannabidiol and other cannabinoids. You can only grow female plants. The best seeds, whether they be regular hemp seeds or high CBD feminized cannabis seeds, come from solid parents. Parents stock must be selected. The more intense the selection the better the stock.

We start with tens of thousands of non-feminized seeds, remove the males, and keep some of the best pollen for the future. This pollen cannot be used to make feminized seeds, but must be used to propagate the strain ultimately.  Once the highest cannabinoid yielding plants that also proved the hardiest through a series of imposed conditions are selected and any hermaphroditic tendencies from the foundation hemp seed are eradicated, we have our mothers. Having all females to start with is key.

The best mothers are crossed through our proprietary feminization process and produce pollen sacs that only have X chromosomes and thus only produce female plants.  The tap roots from seeds have proven to be more resilient in general for the cannabis plant versus the rooting systems established by clones. It sure appears that North Carolina realized that in 2018. A tap root has little difficulty finding water in eastern North Carolina and without proper ditching, you run a much greater risk of drowning your plants than not.

Starting your own feminized seeds for a large farming operation and then only having to worry about culling the few males or hermaphrodites versus separating 50% males from 50% females saves on labor, planting materials, substrate nutrients, utilities, and most of all, time.

We offer guidance and consulting for water testing and soil testing to help you arrive at the best varieties for your land.

"It was nice meeting Louie and the folks at the greenhouse.  Seed is germinating very well.  I'd say around 90% or more.   Thanks again for everything.  It was really great seeing the operation, I have nothing but good things to say." - G.B., Efland, NC




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